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There are so many factors that combine to produce a great cup of coffee.

Whether you prefer a pressurised brew from an espresso machine, or a black filter coffee from a Chemex, finding the right fit is what we pride ourselves on.


Dive into the nuanced world of coffee cultivation.

With a myriad of varieties and unique flavour profiles shaped by origin and altitude, only 20% of global coffee achieves the speciality grade. 

Journey from bean to cup with thirdeye coffee roasters.


Discover the meticulous art behind coffee processing.

Whether it’s the crisp flavours from the washed method, or vibrant notes of the natural process, each technique profoundly influences the coffee’s final taste. 

Delve into the detailed steps that craft each bean’s essence.


Roasting is where alchemy meets precision, turning green beans into flavourful delights.

Merging science with art, we utilise both convective and conductive heat to perfect each roast. With unwavering dedication, thirdeye coffee roasters ensures every batch resonates with unparalleled flavour.


The best coffee is the one that you like the most, like a cappuccino in the afternoon.

There are so many different brew styles that use different grind methods, and particular ratios of water to coffee. Naturally this heavily influences the flavour profile – so we built our coffee Brew Finder to help you find the roast that best suits the brew method you like.

We also recommend a good quality grinder (with even particle distribution) and always suggest filtered water when brewing.

Find the brew
fit for you

We have created our Brew Finder to help you find the perfect brew for you. Follow through the steps to determine your coffee needs.