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How we got here

Our journey to thirdeye coffee roasters began in 2016, when we opened our flagship espresso bar, Georgia on Tennyson, in the quaint little town of Napier, New Zealand.

The concept of an “espresso bar”; where our focus is entirely on the quality of our coffees, and we serve only minimal cabinet food, and no brekkie at all(!?) was a foreign one to the Napierite locals. Slowly but surely, after many bemused morning conversations about Eggs Bene, we began to win over the hearts and minds of some of the locals who appreciated the opportunity to drink better coffee without the distraction of a meal.

After three years of trading, and serving great coffee made from someone else’s beans, we decided we wanted to move up the supply chain; we would roast better coffee.

We bought our own coffee roaster from Chicago in the United States, and brought it into New Zealand, we searched local spaces available to install our new roasting equipment, and found our Austin Street location, we forged relationships with international coffee bean growers and suppliers in Brazil, Columbia, Honduras, and many other countries, so that we could have touchpoints across the entire process from bean to brew.

With that first 10kg of beans roasted in our new coffee roaster, in our new roastery location, thirdeye coffee roasters was truly born. We knew we could absolutely create coffee without compromise.

Where to, from there? We opened a second espresso bar, Sparrows, attached to the thirdeye coffee roastery – which has given us a whole new cohort of locals to meet and win over. We supply our beans to a number of local coffee houses across Hawke’s Bay. And now, we’re making our foray into direct to consumer bean supply. You, too, can now drink better coffee at home.

About the brand

Better coffee fuelled by knowledge.

Coffee is the only thing we take seriously. We enjoy sourcing rare and interesting coffees. Each new shipment of beans is its own vintage; and each batch is roasted very specifically to get the absolute best, most nuanced result from those beans.

No two batches of thirdeye coffee roasters coffee will ever be exactly the same, and that’s the way we want it. From the seeds of the coffee bush, to the coffee cherries and their beans, to the first and second cracks of the roasting process, to the brewing process that delivers you that final cup of thirdeye coffee roasters coffee; you know that you are consuming better coffee, coffee that has been made without compromise.

Meet the team

We’re much better looking in person. Come and meet us over a cup of thirdeye coffee roasters at Georgia on Tennyson.

Find the brew
fit for you

We have created this tool to help you find the perfect brew for you. Follow through the steps to determine your coffee needs.