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Roasting is incredibly influential over the final cup. Numerous factors influence the flavour profile.

Roasting can be split into two methodologies – convective and conductive heat transfer occurring. Convective is where the air temperature inside the drum influences the roasting rate, while the transfer of heat energy from the hot metal walls of the drum provide direct heat to the bean as conductive heat transfer.

Roasting is both a science and an art form – factors such as the airflow, temperature, duration of roast, the environmental or ambient temperature, as well as the change in roasting temperature over the roasting period. We use Proportional, Integral and Derivative process control to manage the roasting of our coffee beans, sampling and tasting during each roast to ensure that we draw the best characteristics from each individual roast.

We use small batch roasting tailored specifically to our single origin and seasonal blends to provide the best possible flavour characteristics as consistently as possible; we leave the heavy over roasted bland flavours to others.

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