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There are dozens of varieties and sub-types of each variety. Each one will behave differently and produce a unique flavour profile depending on where it’s grown too.

Following the influence of coffee rust, coffee is a lot more than just Arabica and Robusta.


Coffee traditionally comes from within the coffee belt, ±5° of the equator, meaning that coffee can be sourced from South America, to Africa, Asia and parts of the Pacific.

Only 20% of the worlds coffee is considered good enough to be certified speciality coffee, meaning that it’s acceptable for specialty coffee roasters like thirdeye coffee roasters, while the remainder is used in processes where flavour is less considered, such as instant coffee or freeze dried coffee.

Each county of origin will have its own unique flavour profiles based upon soil, growing conditions, and climate.


Altitude can be a significant factor in the outcome of the growing process. Generally the higher the elevation the slower the coffee grows the more concentrated the flavours become.

As always – there are exceptions to the rule with fast growing low altitude coffee’s delivering deep and flavoursome characteristics– truly the variety is what makes coffee so fascinating.

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